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Continuous Discovery: Bringing Engineers Closer to Discovery

Originally posted on Amar Singh:
In continuous discovery, the engineers are as close to discovery as possible, which increases their likelihood of becoming missionaries. In continuous discovery, the product trio(Product Manager, Design Lead and Tech Lead) is co-creating with customers, iterating through prototypes, running experiments, and doing interviews. Their goal in co-creating with customers is taking the customer’s knowledge about their own…

Leading Edge Delivery – Team Model

Originally posted on Amar Singh:
The biggest challenge after the change in mindset, understanding the objective and understanding of core principles of Leading Edge Delivery (LED) is to set up the new Product Team Structure. Specially if you are a large organization following an existing Agile or Hybrid model in your Project and want to…

Quotes from Empowered

Originally posted on Amar Singh:
Empowered written by Marty Cagan, is very insightful for Product Management. 🔍 Some of the quotes: ✔ Product Discovery — a rapid series of experiments, primarily using prototypes, that enable us to us to discover effective solutions to the problems our team is tasked to solve. ✔ Give teams problems to…

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